Decorative materials

SGM Techno produces and processes a variety of decorative materials, widely used in automotive interiors, buses, and specialty vehicles.

These materials are of high quality and appear in a variety of colours and types, including decorative coats for tinted trim, floors, boots, door pieces, back acoustic shelves, subwoofers, and more.

SGM is one of the leading Russian suppliers of synthetic leathers for technology (vinyl and leather), as well as tent materials.

The following products are issued by the company:

  • Tent materials (tent tissue) with polyvinylchloride covers for vehicles
  • Tent materials (tent tissue) with polyvinylchloride cover for light construction with one-sided or double-sided polyvinylchloride covers of different colours and thicknesses; transparent coatings are also possible
  • Vinyl and leather tubal antistatic
  • Vinyl and leather ventilating
  • Vinyl and leather upholstery (aviation, for motor-car construction and carriage engineering; for sports equipment with fire-protective treatment)
  • Material for the cover of oil-rig installations

Our production is used for:

  • vehicle curtains;
  • curtains of rescue boats and covers of boat mechanisms;
  • airplane sheds and storage facilities;
  • ventilation mine tubes;
  • ventilation tubes for passenger transportation;
  • decorative finishes of cabins and helicopters;
  • seat upholstery for highway transportation and farm machinery;
  • coverings of shelves and seats of rail transport;
  • black-out curtains for passenger transportation;
  • sports equipment (sport mats);


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