Insulating and absorbing materials

Our company produces materials used for noise reduction in cars, buses, and specialty vehicles.

Production is divided into the following groups:

  • Insulating materials (vibration cushioning materials
  • Acoustic insulation materials
  • Absorbing materials
  • Anti-creak materials

Also, we produce decorative materials for the interior of the cabin:

  • Decorative lining
  • Decorative floor materials

Special materials for use in specialty vehicles:

  • Non-flammable materials (600C+, 1100 C+) and products
  • High-density absorbing and jointing materials and manufactures
  • Light vibro-insulating materials
  • Heavy vibro-insulating materials
  • Thermo overlay materials

SGM Techno is a manufacturing company with extensive experience with serial and non-serial materials. We employ specialists from the finest technical universities in Russia, including Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Yaroslavl State Technical University. Our specialists provide a guarantee of technical quality and stability.

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